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Hi, my name is Ben. After graduating in Information Systems Research (a.k.a. Business Informatics) I work for a small Open Source vendor responsible for i-doit. As a software engineer I've been hacking on security tools for the past ~3 years. Since then I am a consultant for IT documentation and information security.

I'm interested in Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS), sustainable IT, information security, Web services in general, and the combination of all of them.

Benjamin Heisig
Ludenberger Str. 5
40629 Düsseldorf
51.24123, 6.83082
  • Jabber ID (JID): ben@heisig.name
  • Off-the-Record (OTR) fingerprint: 44CE4EE4 C411D5E5 BAD313E7 52860678 26387AEF

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  • Public key: 0717FEA5 from 2014-08-14
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